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About the Galloway Breed


Castle in Galloway Scotland

The Galloway breed is a very old Scottish breed. It is the oldest known British breed on record, and the oldest known polled beef breed in the world. Galloways can be found all over the British Isles as well as in many countries around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and South Africa.

GALLOWAY, which has given its name to a valuable breed of black or dun polled cattle, was an ancient regality or lordship lying in the south-west of Scotland. The word is derived from Gallovid, which in old Scots signifies "a Gaul". The Gauls are said to have been the first inhabitants of this part of Scotland. The last of the old line of rulers was Alan, Lord of Galloway, who was buried in Dundrennan Abbey in 1233. The title passed into the house of Douglas of Thrieve, and the whole district was finally annexed to the Crown of Scotland in 1455.

Originally the whole of this land was covered with dense forests, principally oak. It was all thickly wooded in the days of the Romans when they marched through it, made their roads, raised their forts, and feasted on good Galloway beef. Through these forests roamed many wild cattle generally supposed to be the progenitors of the modern breed of Galloways.

History of Galloways in Australia

Galloway Cattle

The earliest evidence of the Galloway breed in Australia dates back to 1858, however Galloway Cattle imports were first recorded in Australia in 1951.

The Late Mr H E Kater of "Swatchfield" Oberon, NSW landed 12 heifers and a bull and "Wirrialpa" Pastoral Co of Hernani, NSW, imported six heifers and two bulls during the early 1950's.

In March 1951, the Galloway Cattle Society of Australia was inaugurated with Mr H A Kater as President.

The Garnock family from "Bukalong" Bombala, NSW imported a Galloway herd consisting of five heifers and a bull in 1955.

A small importation by, Mr C J Willis, "Starvation Nob" Lietinna, Tasmania followed some years later.

The first stud in Victoria was founded by the Late Hainsworth Cock, "Amberley Park", Lower Plenty using "Bukalong" and "Swatchfield" stock.

After 1969 Northern (New South Wales) and Southern (Victoria and Tasmania)Branches of the Galloway Cattle Society of Australia were formed.

In 1971 the attributes of the Galloway carcase were brought to the attention of beef breeders throughout Australia by winning first prize on the hook in the 12-15 months Pure Bred Led Steer class. It was the first Galloway ever exhibited in the pure bred section of the Royal Melbourne Show. The Steer cut out 250kg from 395kg live weight. Then in 1972 three Galloways were entered in the pure bred fat cattle classes in a field of 88, one winning Champion steer under 12 months.

Galloway cattle breeders continue to use the hoof and hook competitions to demonstrate the benefits of the breed to the industry. The interest in the breed is growing due to the sucesses Galloways are having in the major shows - such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Galloway Australia (formally the Galloway Cattle and Beef Marketing Association Inc.) was formed in 1997.

Galloway Traits

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